November 10th and 11th at the Veteran's Integration Center 

The Metro Rotary Club was well represented by a group of 10 (5 from the city website) volunteers, in support of the Veterans Integration Center(VIC).  The VIC annual yard sale on 11/10/21 netted over $1000 with the help of 4 volunteers provided by Metro Rotary.  Kit, Ginger, and Barb Wampler worked the entire event and had fun not only setting up and selling but buying too!Kim came and helped with clean-up, always the best part! For the BBQ on ThursdayJennifer, Waylon and Ginger set-up and served food alongside Taylor Eubanks and Naomi, Darius and Joshua. The day was beautiful the food was great and Turnout was better than expected.Thank you everyone who donated their time and adjusted their schedules to help our club and our vets.