Meals On Wheels celebrated its 50th Anniversary this year with a very special dinner fund-raiser. 
'Celebrity Waiter Event', a playful and unforgettable twist on standard dining experience.
It was definitely an unforgettable event! It was extremely well organized, fun and well attended. They raised money by waiter tipping. Tips were for anything you wanted your waiter to do (extra food, wine or whatever you can think of within the law),
a huge silent auction, tricycle races, straight donations and businesses buying tables. Metro bought a table of 10 our celebrity waiter was Kate Lally of Ad Hoc Art. Kate is a local artist and she amazing. Full of humor and really got into the spirit of the night. She raised just under $1,000. Every had either a local celebrity or someone from their business well known to them. By the end of the night after everything was added up MOW raised over $280,000. This was their one fund-raiser for the year and the money will go a long way for providing meals and specialized meals to Albuquerque citizens and for their proposed expansion coming soon. As the pictures show, the waiters had a lot of fun with it too.