Nurse Jenna from Presbyterian Hospital ICU has sent another update about ipads donated by the club

Hi all, I wanted to let you know I heard from Nurse Jeana today. Our district grant from last year (the new iPads and gently used ones we collected) continues to have a profound impact:

"Hi. We continue to use the iPads especially as cases have continued to rise.   They’ve been bleached a million times and still work.

I used one yesterday.   I thought about you.   I was with a man, outside his wife’s room.  He couldn’t go in but was allowed to look in the window . She was about to be placed on a ventilator and on life support.  She was still awake and alert at that point and wanted to tell him a few things.  They talked with the iPads. It was heartbreaking but I felt so grateful that they at least had that opportunity to hear each other’s voices before she was unable to communicate.  They could almost be together. 

Thanks again.  You’ve all been lifesavers for us"

This is the latest of several updates she has sent us, all stating what a wonderful tool these are for nurses, doctors and patients. We in the club are very grateful to be a small part of such a worth while cause. 

Gently used ipads and tablets can still be donated to us and we will get it to the hospital. Nurse Jenna has sent on not needed ipads and tablets to the VA Hospital and we also have donated to UNMH. Please email with model number, condition and where you can be reached.